Responsivo 1.2.7

The Latest Design Trend with Great Attention to Details - We made every key element, motion and interaction so neat and flowy that this is by far the most feature-rich and robust affiliate theme today!

  • Fully Customizable Front and Back End
  • Stunning, Clean, Modern and Professional Design
  • Touch Enabled, Fully Responsive & Retina Ready
  • Classy CSS3 Animations
  • Ultra Easy to use
  • And so much more!
The current version is 1.2.7 (View the changelog)

Responsivo 1.0 was released.

Responsivo 1.1 released

  • Affiliate links are now no follow.
  • Option to have affiliate links to new tab.
  • You can now translate the theme.
  • 2 new content fields on the startpage.
  • Widget ready! the default WP widgets are now supported. Custom widgets can be styled in our CSS Editor

Responsivo 1.2 released

  • Added a download tracker field on casino and slot reviews.
  • Slotlist page can now filter by tag.
  • Added pagination on slotlist page.
  • Choose how many slots to have on the slotlist page.

Responsivo 1.2.1 released

  • Fixed an issue were the currency sign didnt show correctly on the toplist page when having it set to manually.

Responsivo 1.2.2 released

  • Fixes a possible javascript collision between topmenu and plugin.

Responsivo 1.2.3 released

  • Responsivo now supports WordPress version 4.3 and version 4.4.

Responsivo 1.2.4 released

  • Many under the hood updates and some minor bugs fixed.

Responsivo 1.2.5 released

  • ACF Pro updated to the latest version and a bug fix that funny enough have been here from the start that no one have reported, nothing major and was just in the admin.
documentation & faq


Easy to use and easy to setup! Setting up your site and maintaining it have never been easier, you have full control over your pages and can easily position elements around and create beautiful toplists and so much more.

Key Features


  • Write it once, never again.
  • Customize your users experience with ease.
  • Translate the whole site.
  • Widget Ready!
  • Easy to setup casino,slot reviews, toplists and slot list.
  • Create toplists by automatically pick casinos with filter control or manually choose what to be displayed.
  • Sort by varius categories such as total score, bonuses and much more.
  • Never again distorted images! Images are automatically cropped to correct sizes.
  • Casino and slot rating controls.
  • Change colors and images with Protheos Toolbox.
  • Banner rotation.
  • Create custom CSS in our Toolbox.
  • Show and hide elements with a click of a button.
  • Social sharing.
  • Positioning of sidebar elements and startpage elements can be changed.


How do I install responsivo?

You install responsivo the way you install all wordpress themes. Once you have bought our theme you will get to download a zip file. Go to Appearance -> Themes -> Add New -> Upload Theme. there you can select your zip file and upload then activate the theme.

How do I update Responsivo?

When you receve an update from us you will have to update the theme with a FTP program such as Filezilla. All you do is browse to your theme folder and upload it. Just let it overwrite the previous files.

How do I setup the startpage?

You can setup the startpage by creating a page, just leave it blank and give it a title (whatever you wish to use) then publish it and go to Settings -> Reading and choose your newly created page in the “front-Page” dropdown list. same thing applies to creating the blog page (news archive) but instead of picking the front-page you select your blog page in the “post-page” dropdown.

How do I add the top navigation?

Responsivo is using WordPress nativ manu system for the top menu so all you need to do is go to Appearance -> Menus and then create your top navigation there.

After I installed Responsivo the Sidebar isn’t showing

You need to jump start the theme a bit by going to the Protheos Toolbox menu item (bottom left) and then go to the “sidebar” item and click “Save Options”, do the same for the “styles” item. After this you are set!

Can I request a feature for upcoming versions?

Yes you can! And we appreciate it. You can either email us at or go to Poker Affiliate Listings or GPWA forums and find us there!

What happends if I change the code?

If you change the code you wont get any support that you normally would and if you update the theme once you get an update from us you will lose everything you have done since it’s overwriting the files.
If you just want to make some custom CSS then use our Custom CSS field inside Protheos Toolbox

Any recommended plugins?

We recommend “All in one SEO” for all your SEO stuff. And “Revision Control” to limit the amount of revision is created when you update post and pages.

Can I use the Advanced Custom Field plugin?

You can not, this theme is powered with Advanced Custom Fields Pro. Therefore you have to deactivate Your plugin if you have one installed.
And if you have the Advanced Custom Fields plugin installed you will also get a message about upgrading your database once you have installed our theme. Just click the upgrade button. What this means is that it will just take your fields that you have created and move it from wp_postmeta to wp_post in your database, thats it!